Basic concepts


Page View – an event consisting in displaying of a web page embedded with a correctly executed gemiusTraffic study script.

Visit – a series of views made by one internet user within one site.

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Measured variables

Web browser – a program used to download and display a web page content, with the possibilities offered by the page's engine and in line with an internet user's preferences.

Opertaing system – basic software serving as an intermediary between a user and computer hardware. The role of the operating system is to provide a user with environment which would allow him/her to make use of programs.

Mobile device – a portable electronic device which allows to process, receive and send data without the need to maintain a wired connection with the internet.

Flash Player – a plug-in or program used to open flash type files (.swf format) with an internet browser.

Resolution – the size of the image displayed on a screen, expressed in pixels and defined as the following conjunction: "width" x "height".

Color settings – information on the number of colours displayed on the screen.

Province – an administrative territorial unit in the Czech Republic.

Cookie – a file provided by a server for a browser during a page view. Information contained in the file is sent back (and potentially modified) to the server each time the browser requests a page.

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